Is Cataract Surgery right for me?

With state-of-the-art technology, your doctor at McMann Eye Institute can safely remove cataracts and allow patients to enjoy better vision and resume the quality of life they enjoyed before cataracts developed.

Should you consider cataract surgery?

To decide whether or not cataract surgery is right for you, a complete and thorough eye examination is necessary. There are several indications for cataract surgery, but rarely will a cataract need to be removed immediately or as an emergency. Because the procedure is elective, most cataract surgery can be scheduled at your convenience.
A few common reasons an individual chooses cataract surgery are:
Decreased vision
such as difficulty seeing street signs, or problems reading fine print.

Foggy vision
Vision appears to have a film or cloud over it.

Halos around lights
Halos from oncoming automobile headlights, for example.

Difficulty driving at night
Poor night vision or automobile headlights seem excessively bright.

Difficulty seeing in brightly lit conditions such as with oncoming headlights, low sun angles, or on foggy/cloudy days.

Difficulty reading
Or needing more light to see print

Poor ability to perform daily tasks
Problems such as reading medication instructions, failure to pass a driver s visual examination,
and/or problems seeing to play cards, bowl or play golf are common.

After consultation with your doctor, you may decide that you wish to have cataract surgery. Before you make this decision, we will inform you about the health of your eyes, any risks and potential complications of surgery, and the alternatives, as well as discuss the benefits for you.

You also need to know what you can reasonably expect for visual improvement following the procedure. You will be fully informed about the surgery and its attendant risks and benefits. Only then can you make an informed decision to proceed.