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McMann Eye Institute Patient Stories

"has been my deep felt prayer since I was a kid to be able to see without my Coke-bottle glasses. Sure I got contact lenses to try to look a little cooler, but I still needed corrective lenses to see! Not anymore... I chose to have LASIK eye surgery at the McMann Eye Institute, and now my vision is 20/20! I am truly blessed and thank God Almighty I can see at last!"

"My deepest and heartfelt MAHALO to you, Dr. McMann, and your wonderful staff at the McMann Eye Institute."

Much Love & Aloha,
Dawn O'Brien
TV & Radio Personality & Morning Show Host - "DAWN OF A NEW DAY"
Christian Radio Station

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"As one of the morning show host of 97.5 Hot Country Station and country music entertainer, I typically start my day really early, and end my days really late! I began to notice that I was starting to feel tremendous eye strain and had difficulty concentrating late in the day. Upon the advice of a friend, I reached out to Dr. Michael McMann at the McMann Eye Institute for help! After a thorough examination Dr. McMann developed a treatment plan just for me , and the daily eye fatigue is no longer a problem! Thank you Dr. McMann, you and your staff are truly a blessing. Mahalo Nui Loa ~ Dita"

Dita Holifield
Hawaii's "Queen of Country"
Award Winning Musician & Country Music Entertainer
Morning Show Host & Radio Personality
97.5 KHCM Country Station

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Ed Kanoi Program Director, KGMZ-FM Oldies 107.9, KHUI-FM 99.5 The Jewel Salem Media of Hawaii

"I don't know how to thank you for your work, knowledge and the new lease on my eyes that you've given me! You and your team are incredible. I felt very comfortable with our conversations and totally understood both the pro's and con's of the LASIK procedure. I understand that not everyone is a candidate for LASIK and again because of your honesty I understood that like with any surgical procedure, there are risks. I felt with your experience, I was (to borrow a slogan from another company) in good hands."

I was right! The procedure was everything you said it would be and even quicker than I expected. You truly have given me a new lease on my life! Thank you so much.

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Emmie Ortega Anderson
Pinoy Power Radio Station - Founder & CEO
Pinoy Power Radio Personality
101.5 FM / 1130 AM & OC 882
2007 Mrs. Hawaii Filipina - United Filipino Council of Hawaii

"Having Dr. Michael McMann perform my LASIK eye surgery has made my life easier and more enjoyable with my newly restored vision. With the success I have had with LASIK, I can see clearly without relying on other vision aids. Trusting Dr. Michael McMann with my vision is one of the best decisions I have ever made. I want to express my gratitude to all of the staff at the McMann Eye Institute for providing excellent service to our Kababayans, our Filipino Community. As the Founder of Pinoy Power Radio, our loyal listeners depend on my advice and recommendations for the products and services we promote on KPHI, The #1 Hit Filipino FM Radio Station in Hawaii. I highly recommend the wonderful services that the McMann Eye Institute has to offer."
Dr. Suzie Nemmers, M.D.
Pediatric Ophthalmologist
Tripler Army Medical Center

As an Ophthalmologist myself, my eyes are very important to me. I have known and worked side by side with Dr. McMann for over 4 years since we first met at Fort Benning, Georgia in 2003.

I have the utmost confidence in Dr. McMann's skill as a surgeon and attention to detail. When I decided to have refractive surgery myself, there was nobody else I would have do it besides Dr. McMann. Dr. McMann did a wonderful job and I'm very happy. We'll certainly miss him at Tripler.

Dr. John Verghese, M.D.
Cardiothoracic Surgeon
Tripler Army Medical Center

I have been wearing glasses for the last 15 years and desperately needed to get out of them. Dr. McMann performed LASIK surgery on my eyes and I have stopped wearing glasses. The feeling is great! Thank you, Dr. McMann!
lasik Dr. Daniel Morilla, M.D.
Urology Resident
Tripler Army Medical Center

For a long time, I have been completely dependent on corrective lenses to include contact lenses and prescription glasses. When I elected to proceed with LASIK surgery, it was with a considerable degree of trepidation and caution as I am a surgeon in training myself and my eyes are my livelihood.

After much research and background checking within the network of physicians in Oahu, I decided that Dr. McMann would be the best Ophthalmologist to operate on my eyes. I can honestly say that Dr. McMann was extremely competent and I felt totally comfortable throughout the pre-operative and post-operative course. My vision has never been better and I'm seeing things with vision that is far better than I ever expected. I would strongly recommend anyone to select Dr. McMann as your surgeon to take you through this extremely worthwhile procedure.
lasik Captain Joseph M Dai III, M.D.
Resident Orthopedic Surgery
Tripler Army Medical Center

As a resident in Orthopedic Surgery, my eyes are my livelihood. I had grown tired of wearing contacts. I had sustained a corneal abrasion one day after wearing them for too long and decided to explore surgery. Dr. McMann carefully went over my options for surgery, explaining the risks and benefits.

We decided PRK was right for me. The surgery went very smoothly and the recovery period was shorter than I anticipated. Now, my vision is amazing! I never thought I would be able to see this clearly. I would recommend Dr. McMann to anyone who is thinking about corrective surgery. I have already encouraged several of my colleagues to visit him.
lasik Mahalo Nui Loa,
Neil A. Bal
Fire Chief (Retired)
Maui County

I would like to thank Dr.McMann and his staff for making my visit from Maui exceptional. They took me in as one of their own Ohana and shared their knowledge and experience to make my trip a pleasure.

As a retired Fire Chief of 36 years, from Maui, my glasses have been part of my "turn outs" for over 20 years. I heard about you through the "coconut wireless", which as you know, has more effect than all the color ads you may place. I did visit your website and followed through with consultation and finally the surgery. All of my expectations have been met and the procedure was so fast and painless I don't know what all the "fuss" was about!
lasik Shelia McLaren
Student, University of Hawaii-West Oahu

My Lasik journey began as a simple thought. Once I started researching, I ended up "over researching" the procedure and scared myself quite a bit. I went from endless Google searches to YouTube. I made appointments with three different places and waited for one to call me back in regards to what type of equipment/lasers they used.

Not only did they call me back, but it was the doctor himself who called - personally. We spoke for over an hour and he not only answered each question thoroughly, but honestly. That was the second thing that impressed me. The first was when I initially found Dr. McMann through Google-I researched him, his work, his reputation and his clinic because this eye surgery I was thinking about having was not something I took lightly. After our conversation, I scheduled the initial consultation. Herein lay my third surprise.

This consultation was not the typical one which you would receive at all other clinics (where they dilate your eyes as if it's your pre-op appointment), but it was for eye tests and asking questions only - in other words, it was to see if I was even a good candidate for the surgery. The other places I had made appointments with gave me the feeling of just being a paycheck. Not with Dr. McMann. Needless to say, that after our first appointment, I cancelled all others because I just felt so comfortable with Dr. McMann and his staff.

So comfortable in fact, that I scheduled the surgery for a week and a half later. At our appointments, he always takes his time, as does his staff, is always professional and is patient beyond what is normal. Although he tries to watch the time, he is more concerned with a patients comfort than the ticking of the clock - which goes a long way. His contagious smile and way of speaking with you lets you know he really cares about each individual. I am beyond pleased with my results, which took me only hours to get (after some sleep) and I enjoy not having to wear glasses or poking my eyes out while trying to insert/remove contacts.

My vision correction was for astigmatism and near sightedness, and it may have been minor compared to others but it was still a hindrance. The surgery itself only took 20 minutes. The patient care still hasn't ended nor has the fact that I will forever be grateful to Dr. McMann, and his staff, for giving me a new freedom after 15 years of wearing glasses. Thank you for all you do. Keep up the good work and keep smiling!
Dr. Francisco Mercado, M.D.
Hawaii Medical Center East

My vision had been dependent on glasses and contact lenses for 20 years. Over the recent years, my vision had worsened and had been complicated by infections. I could not wear contact lens anymore and had to resort to glasses. This limited my life activity a great deal. I was very thankful when I was referred to Dr. McMann by my ophthalmologist. He answered all my questions about LASIK with ease and confidence. I was impressed by his record of experience and the professionalism of his staff members. The LASIK procedure went smoothly and I was able to see clearly and drive the following day. My life definitely has changed after LASIK. I am able to go back to my outdoor activities without worrying about my vision. Care does not end after the LASIK procedure , Dr. McMann follows you up to make sure that everything will be fine with your new vision.
lasik Jennifer Simonetti, RN
Tripler Army Medical Center

My experience at McMann Eye Institute was wonderful and life changing. I have been wearing glasses for over 20 years. After the birth of my son, I decided it would be easier for me to play with him if I didn't have to wear glasses. Dr. McMann performed CustomVue LASIK on me and my vision is great. My son enjoys swimming and now I get to enjoy swimming with him. Thanks for the great care!
lasik Corrie Carbajal
NCO Academy

I wore glasses and contacts for the past 25 years. I couldn't function in life without them. I couldn't remember what is was like to wake up in the morning and be able to see anything. Walking into Dr. McMann's office the day of my consultation was a life changing moment. When he told me I was a candidate for LASIK I was in tears.

The day after the procedure my sight before glasses and contacts was restored. Dr. McMann literally performed a miracle. My eyesight before surgery was 20/950 and it is now 20/20. Dr. McMann and his staff are absolutely wonderful. Thank you Dr. McMann for giving me the opportunity to see the world in a whole new set of eyes.
lasik Douglas Green
University of Alaska Student

The LASIK eye surgery was much easier and less painful than I figured. Dr. McMann was friendly and helped me predict exactly what the procedure would be like along with anything that could happen.

He helped by giving me eye drops and giving me all the protective measures needed to allow me to have healthy eyes after the surgery. I would highly recommend the LASIK eye surgery procedure and Dr. McMann to anyone who hates wearing glasses. It is quick, painless, and worth the cost for the results it gives.
lasik Janet Leybag
Bank Teller

I've been using eyeglasses since I was fourteen. Every couple of years I needed to change my eyeglasses and I liked to buy brand names like Gucci and Dior. My sister had LASIK and she told me I should do it too since I'm tired of using eyeglasses and contact lenses.

She said it was really safe and made her vision much better, just like a normal eye. After I did my LASIK with Dr. McMann I was very happy and wish I had done it 5 years ago. Thank-you Dr. McMann for doing a wonderful job!
lasik Greg Ewig

All I can say is its Fantastic! I've been wearing glasses and contacts for 25 years. I've inquired about LASIK over the years but didn't feel comfortable. I visited with Dr. McMann and his staff, and the office's professionalism and Dr. McMann's confidence made the difference.

The pre-screening to the actual LASIK went fantastic. Dr. McMann's knowledge and confidence will make you feel like you have no worries. Well, it's been a little over a month and it's awesome. I'm able to surf, swim, work, and sleep without worrying about contacts or glasses. I would highly recommend Dr. McMann to anyone concerning any eye conditions, especially those interested in LASIK.
Mahalo Dr. McMann!
lasik Tripler Kerisiano
Heavy Equipment Operator

My older brother had his eyes done with Dr. McMann. My eyes had been bothering me for years and one day I stopped by to visit my brother and my sister-in-law told me my brother had cataract surgery and his vision was 20/20.

When I heard this, in less than ½ hr I was in Dr. McMann's office having my eyes evaluated. I had my cataract surgery done the following week. When they removed my bandage my vision was like a new wide screen color TV. It was so good I can't put it into words. I am so grateful to Dr. McMann and his staff. I'm now able to enjoy a better quality life because of my vision. Mahalo Dr. McMann!
lasik  Nanette Dorner

I now can see clearly without the hassle of contacts or glasses. I had monovision LASIK and am extremely pleased. 
lasik  Alae Kerisiano

When Dr. McMann told me I had a cataract, I was afraid that my vision would never be the same again. After he performed the cataract surgery, it was true, my vision was not the same, it was much more improved. Not only can I see my Grandson’s face when I go to his football games, but I can also see much better at night while driving. I’m very glad that I met Dr. McMann and I would strongly recommend him to anybody and everybody. 
lasik  Virginia Valdes-Camara

I had LASIK monovision done with Dr. McMann, and he did a wonderful job. I am so happy with the results and recommend him highly. THANK YOU Dr. McMann! 
lasik  Rebecca Kay Sealey
Seattle, WA

I am an active 60 year old mother of three grown sons, and five grandchildren. I am on many committees at church in addition to working full time at my husband's physical therapy clinic. At work, I do insurance billing and bookkeeping. Prior to cataract surgery, I was having difficulty seeing the small numbers on my computer screen, having to pull the large screen very close to my face.

I would often squint and close one eye to be able to focus on the numbers. I was unable to see street signs clearly until I was right at the intersection and many times missed turning at the right time. Sun glare and bright lights made it very difficult to be outside. I chose to have my surgery at the McMann Eye Institute because I heard that Dr. McMann is the absolute best. I elected to have the new Restor multifocal lens inserted in each eye during the cataract surgery, and now I have better than 20/20 vision in both eyes.

Dr. McMann has made it possible for me to see better than I have for 25 years! Thank you so very much to all the staff at the McMann Eye Institute. I was treated so very kindly and with sincere respect, like family. I am truly thankful for the experience. Thank you Dr. McMann! 
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